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Virility Formula
Supports male sexual health & stamina
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A herbal preparation which effectively corrects Male Sexual Problems including Performance Disorders and Infertility upon the administration of right course of treatment.

Virility Formula

Tribulus Terrestris – It stimulates the hormonal production and testosterone synthesis. It raises the contents of testosterone and anabolic hormones in blood.


Velvet Bean- The root extract of Velvet Bean contains concentration of saponins. It acts as an aphrodisiac and tonic for overall health and vitality.Improves Libido & Increases Erection Duration.

virility pack

Elephant Vine – Rich in aphrodisiac properties. Strengthens body and Muscles. Delays the effects of aging. Highly useful in spermatorrhea.



Withania Somnifera- Strengthens the muscles and provides necessary vitality to the body. it also counteracts the effects of premature aging by slowing down the formation of free radicals.