January 21, 2020

6 Potent Benefits of Ashwagandha

Having been used for centuries, Ashwagandha is quickly gaining attention from the world of medicine. This herb is most popular in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.   What Is Ashwagandha? Ashwagandha also called Withania Somnifera and Indian ginseng is a powerful medicinal herb. Originating from the Solanaceae family, it is classified as an adaptogen, which helps the body

January 15, 2020

Workout Food Plan to Maximize Performance

Are you looking for fun ways to get the most gains out of your workout performance? Join us to discover a list of healthy power foods to get you through the day, gain tons of energy and get the best results in the shortest time. Men’s fitness tips often include various straight forward strength training

December 27, 2019

4 Incredible Lifestyle Tips for Men to Enjoy Their 50’s

For a lot of men, 50 marks the decline of life and leads to the inevitable decline in health. However, contrary to popular belief, these can be the best years of a man’s life. As this is when most men have settled well into their marriage, the kids are off to college or are self-sufficient

December 18, 2019

The Shocking Effects of Vaping on Men

We are all familiar with the harmful effects of cigarettes on the male body and fertility. The side effects of nicotine on the reproductive system in women can lead to damaging the egg cells and complications with the fallopian tubes. While it can damper semen and sperm quality among men. But what about vaping?   If you

December 11, 2019

Easy & Yummy Smoothies for Male Enhancement

Are you having trouble maintaining drive? Perhaps you have been making too many excuses to deviate you from getting intimate with your partner. If you are facing a loss of libido and are looking for ways to boost desire naturally, then you have come to the right place.   Why is Libido Important? Libido is