August 28, 2019

4 Delicious Foods That Increase Male Stamina and Drive

There are certain things in life which one does not care to last too long. Such as bad breath, migraine headaches and toothaches. Can you guess the one thing that would never make it to this list? Intimacy in a beautiful relationship with a loving partner. It is every man’s biggest nightmare not to be able to perform or satisfy

August 21, 2019

6 Reasons to Improve Intimacy Backed by Science

Being in a loving relationship means you get to reap numerous perks that come with it such as taking long walks at the beach, going for dinners, brunches or simply always having someone to go to places with and doing various activities with. There are countless emotional and practical benefits of being in love including there is

August 8, 2019

4 Everyday Habits that Are Slowly Killing Your Libido

Do you find yourself in a daily struggle to rekindle romance with your loving partner despite being madly in love with them? Do you often find yourself tired with dwindling stamina and a loss of interest in intimacy? It is easy to blame a lack of sleep, stress and a tedious schedule for your lack

July 24, 2019

8 DIY Steps to Enhancing Sexual Vitality in Men

An unfulfilled sex life can go beyond low libido, it can lead to a lack of motivation, aggression, emotional withdrawal, anxiety and personality changes. This can have a snowball effect and can unleash self-destructive behaviors such as alcoholism, workaholic and even gambling. Furthermore, it can put undue stress on your relationship, lead to excessive arguments, low desire, mood

July 17, 2019

Six Herbs and Spices to Spice Up Your Life

Do you feel the heat and passion are slowly subsiding from your relationship? Do you catch yourself turning down your partner often lately? Whether it’s late sittings at the office, exhaustion, hormonal fluctuations or not feeling your best, it can all plummet your drive drastically. Perhaps it’s time to add a little heat to your