6 Reasons to Improve Intimacy Backed by Science

Being in a loving relationship means you get to reap numerous perks that come with it such as taking long walks at the beach, going for dinners, brunches or simply always having someone to go to places with and doing various activities with. There are countless emotional and practical benefits of being in love including there is never a dull moment when you have someone by your side, not to mention a shoulder to lean on is always welcome. Did you know having a loving relationship can have profound effects on your physical well-being. Did you know partaking in regular coitus not only results in regular physical activity, but it also helps you lose weight, alleviate stress and stay in shape? Continue reading to discover the plethora of benefits of enjoying coitus with your loving partner backed by science.  

Better Sleep 

It was reported in the Daily Mail that 17% women which is 1 in 6 women sleep better and longer after intercourse. Intercourse sends the production of oxytocin into overdrive which helps you and your partner bond and feel closer, it further decreases the production of cortisol which is the hormone responsible for stress. These hormonal changes enable your body to relax thereby allowing you to sleep carefree. Additionally, it also increases estrogen levels which can enhance women’s REM cycle thereby allowing her to go into deep sleep.  

That’s all the reason most men need to improve intimacy in the bedroom. However, if you are having trouble getting in the mood, or simply aren’t able to perform as well as you used to perhaps it is time to try natural testosterone boosters, such as Herbion Naturals Virility Formula. Our best testosterone supplement is formulated with potent natural ingredients namely Elephant Vine, Tribulus terrestris, Velvet Bean and Withania Somnifera which not only increases testosterone naturally, but also enhances anemia, libido, vigour, vitality, sperm count, prostate health and muscle mass.  

Good Mood 

If you have indulged in rich dark chocolate or enjoyed playing with a cute puppy or kitten then you must have experienced elevation in your mood. This is the same feeling that couples feel after having coitus. According to a study published in 1992 investigated an increase in dopamine transmission in the nucleus accumbens which is the pleasure center of the brain when couples partake in intercourse. Physical touch for instance hugging, holding hands and kissing can all contribute to improved mood and a greater quality of life. Having an active sexual life can keep depression at bay as a study published in 2015 indicated couples who have regular intercourse experience greater satisfaction and better mental health. However, this is only the case for deep and meaningful relationships as the opposite was discovered in a study in 2014 that people who prefer hookups or one night stands are most likely to suffer from low levels of happiness and higher levels of anxiety and depression.  

Ease Pain 

Did you know coitus can prove to be a vital pain reliever? That’s right, since this physical activity leads to the production of oxytocin, also referred to as the “love hormone”. Before orgasm, oxytocin increases and endorphins release which is a natural pain-killing hormone. The area of the brain linked to pain reduction is highly activated when aroused and endorphins are released. Endorphins further ease joint pain, migraines and nerve impulses. Additionally, oxytocin also affect the way we feel, they even help us form strong emotional bonds. 

Improves Fitness  

Good thing coitus is an exercise most people can enjoy regardless of how much they enjoy physical activity or not. The longer you continue the more calories you’ll burn. In a study published in PLOS ONE in 2013 it was discovered that women can burn about 69 calories in a 25-minute session, while men can burn around 100 calories. After all, during this intimate activity you are constantly sweating while moving, twisting and flexing your body and muscles, no wonder it helps keep you fit. Furthermore, just like changing workout routine can tone up your body so can switching up positions during intimacy.  If you are suffering from a big gut, have trouble performing or are facing infertility, the best way to increase your testosterone is taking the natural route. Natural ingredients and male enhancement supplements are your best bet at gaining your confidence back. Herbion Virility Formula is an essential men’s health supplements which not only improves overall sexual wellbeing, but also enhances muscle mass, aids weight loss specifically targeting belly fat and enhances bone mineral density. 

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease 

Just as most physical activities are good for the heart, similar is the case with coitus. Since being aroused amplifies heart rate due to the number of beats per minute peaking the most during orgasm. This is especially beneficial for men. In a study conducted on males in their 50’s, published in the American Journal of Cardiologyit was suggested that males who had intercourse at least twice a week have a 45% lower risk of heart disease as compared to men who have coitus less frequently.  

Reduces Blood Pressure 

It was discovered in a research published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, conducted by Michigan State University on women between the ages of 57 to 85 years, it was discovered that women who enjoy coitus in their later years might reduce their risk of high blood pressure. In yet another study published in Behavioral Medicine it was stated that the act of hugging can help people maintain healthy blood pressure levels.  

High blood pressure can heighten the risk of stroke or a heart attack and can even affect intimacy. High blood pressure affects the blood flow throughout the body and can also prevent blood from flowing freely to the pelvis which can be the cause of male organ dysfunctionality, while in women it can lower libido. Though it is safe to have intercourse if you suffer from high blood pressure, if you are concerned or are struggling in the bedroom, it is best to seek advice from a doctor. If you are looking to enhance your performance, then choose Virility Formula. Our best prostate health supplement is rich in Tribulus terrestris which is ideal for improving male organ performance, heightening desire and maintaining blood pressure. Since our testosterone supplement ingredients are nature based the cumulative long-lasting effects take two to three weeks to get desired results. You may take one to two capsules twice a day for up to 12 weeks. However, before you consume it is advised you consult your doctor. You can buy natural testosterone boosters from Amazon for a quick delivery across Canada.

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