The Effects of Marijuana on Male Fertility

With the legalization of marijuana, male health is becoming a growing concern. It is said that the usage of marijuana has never been higher among males of reproductive age, simultaneously male infertility is also growing rapidly. Keep reading to discover if weed causes infertility and more.


What Is Marijuana?

Marijuana also goes by names such as dope, pot, grass and weed. This mind-altering drug is derived from the cannabis plant. One can eat it, drink it, smoke it and even vape it. Though doctors often prescribe it to patients due to certain medical conditions. Most individuals use weed purely as a recreational drug.


The chemical component of Cannabis is known as cannabinoids, the active ingredients in weed. The most widely used cannabinoids are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These two components have a massive impact on the mind and body due to the endocannabinoid system which is a widespread network of receptors within the body that stimulates sleep, mood and appetite.


Are you aware the male organ has endocannabinoid receptors within it? That’s right. Too much weed overloads the endocannabinoid system within the organ. No wonder excess recreational cannabis can have deleterious effects on male organ functionality. Moreover, weed can also be highly addictive and injurious to the male health. Here’s why:


How Drugs Affect the Brain’s Neurotransmitters?

Did you know drugs interfere with the way the brain’s neurons receive, process and send signals through neurotransmitters? However, since the chemical structure of heroin and marijuana mimics the structure of neurotransmitters within the body, it can activate neurons.


Marijuana is enjoyed by most men because it has the capacity to intoxicate the brain and let loose of all inhibitions. This mind-altering drug contains the powerful ingredient, THC, which regulates the part of the brain that responds to basic human needs, for instance food, pleasure and intimacy.


THC is responsible for the release of the chemical, dopamine. This gives a relaxed and euphoric feeling. Did you know due to vaping or smoking weed, THC can enter your bloodstream at such a rapid speed as to make you high within a matter of mere minutes or even seconds? It takes approximately 30 minutes to get completely intoxicated and roughly one to three hours for its affects to subside.


However, if you prefer eating pot in brownies, cookies and candies the effects last longer. Edible marijuana foods can cause adverse reactions as they contain a higher concentration of THC. Moreover, individuals often tend to go overboard eating marijuana edibles which increases the risk of drug overdose.


Marijuana Effects on Mental Health

In case it you think it is all fun and games doing pot, here why marijuana is not a pleasant experience for all. This party drug can often leave people feeling afraid, anxious and panicked. The unpleasant effects can worsen, raise your chances for clinical depression and can even aggravate the symptoms of mental disorders which you might already be suffering from. Furthermore, the intake of marijuana in high doses can escalate your chances of feeling paranoid and often drift you far away from reality so much so, you can start hallucinating. Hallucinations can range from hearing as well as seeing things that are not present in reality. These can be extremely disturbing to the individual experiencing and can even cause them to have severe reactions which can be life threatening.


Did you know taking weed can damper your sense of judgement and make you lose your senses? However, these effects can vary depending on how much weed you have smoked before, your threshold of holding drugs, in what variation you took it and how strong the drug being taken is.


Weed can also ruin your sense of time thereby giving you the illusion that time is either slipping away or moving too slow. Moreover, it can ruin your motor skills and put you at an increased risk of accidents while driving. This effect is similar to drinking alcohol and therefore, individuals are not recommended to drive under the influence.


How to Increase Physical Intimacy in A Relationship with Weed?

Pot has the potential of lowering inhibitions which allows you to partake in more adventurous activities and risky behaviour. This can also include being more open to enjoying intercourse with your partner. This can enhance your quality of relationship and can help you rebuild intimacy in marriage.


How Does Weed Impact Male Performance?

Before we dive into the subject, it is essential to know that there are two schools of thought on this subject. One that says drugs have a positive impact on intimacy and the other which says it can cause hindrance in male organ functionality. However, can weed be a cheap ticket to male impotence? Let’s find out.


Erectile Dysfunction after Drug Use

In an article published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, it was concluded though alcohol and cigarette smoking establish a strong link with male organ dysfunctionality, not enough evidence was present to show the potential of pot and erectile dysfunctionality.


However, the combination of tobacco and marijuana can lead to a higher risk of impotence, since smoking tobacco restricts the flow of oxygen-rich blood within the arteries and veins. One of the leading causes of male impotence is lack of blood within the male organ. Therefore, men who smoke cigarettes have a higher risk of developing this ailment.


Researchers debate THC present within weed can impair male organ functionality, since cannabinoid receptors are already present within the smooth muscle tissues of the vital organ. Furthermore, the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggests, since pot can give a feeling of euphoria it can cause drowsiness thereby causing a lack of libido. Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes weed can also have a massive impact on men’s circulatory system and lead to escalated heart rate as well as blood pressure. Increased blood pressure predisposes men to a risk of developing organ dysfunctionality.


In yet another study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, it was concluded men who often had cannabis, were unable to orgasm when and as desired. Therefore, weed is considered one of the drugs that can cause erectile dysfunctionality.


Best Supplements for Men

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Does Weed Kill Sperm Cells?

Surprisingly weed and male fertility benefits is a contradictory area as more research is needed to determine the exact outcome. However, a study published on 14th August, 2019, in the Journal Human Reproduction, studied the effects of marijuana smoking on a hundred couples undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment. Researchers discovered women who had recently smoked weed had a greater chance of infertility than those who hadn’t smoked pot. On the other spectrum, men who had recently smoked weed reported higher chances of conceiving than those who hadn’t.


With the legalisation of marijuana in Canada and other countries across the globe, growing men and women will be experimenting with the drug. However, findings are surprising even for the authors of the study and are in no way meant to encourage the usage of weed. More research is needed to establish the link between intimacy in a relationship and weed benefits.


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Though the link between impotence and erectile dysfunctionality is not well established. Drug induced cardiovascular complications can heighten the risk of male organ dysfunctionality. However, weed seems to have a positive impact on sperm count, though more research is required in the future to determine the impact of weed on male health.


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