Fitness Tips For Older Men

As we age, it is natural to think we can let ourselves go, stay out of shape and sport a round potbelly. However, this kind of thinking can be negative and lead to numerous health issues such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and even erectile dysfunctionality. As the big 5-0 approach, it can bring about joint stiffness and unwanted back pain, making you feel your body is unloved and older than it is.


What Are the Best Fitness Tips for Men Over 40?

So how do you look and feel you’re best? Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are key to a healthy, happy positive outlook on life. If you are looking for fitness tips for men, then keep reading.


Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Did you know middle-aged men who indulge in heavy drinking mostly suffer from alcoholic liver disease symptoms? That is because enjoying alcohol in your 20s or 30s is one thing, but drinking at 50 can take a toll on your body. For starters, your liver does not heal itself the same way. In fact, by 40 your liver builds up fatty tissue which makes it difficult for the organ to process nutrients to counteract alcohol consumption.


Heavy drinkers often suffer from heart problems. Long-term effects of drinking frequently can affect heart muscles and limit its ability to contract properly. Moreover, excess drinking and countless hangovers can cause permanent damage to the frontal cortex and other areas of the brain which affect decision making. Additionally, drinking can also impact your mood and lead to neurotransmitters slowing down. Hangovers amplify with aging and can impact your cognitive state for much longer even after the effects of alcohol wear down.


Alcohol and Sleep Cycle

Typically, when you are young alcohol can knock you out and let you experience blissfully deep sleep. However, drinking before bed can cause a lack of REM rest. This is the restorative sleep needed by individuals to stay healthy. Most 40-year-olds lack a good night’s sleep due to aging, kids and busy schedules. However, the sleep requirement remains the same for 7-9 hours. Therefore, quitting alcohol can promote good sleep and a sound mind.


Heavy Drinking and Weight Gain

As individuals age, their metabolic rate tends to slow down. This means you will gain weight much faster than you lose it. Drinking can lead to access weight gain and put unnecessary pressure on your stomach, leading to the slow development of a potbelly, which can also put a strain on the male organ and be the catalyst of health and mental issues including heart disease, hormonal imbalance and low self-esteem.


Benefits of Exercise for Men

Whether you prefer strength training or yoga, working out can have many benefits for men. According to the WHO working out can reduce the risk of hip fractures significantly. Elevating bone density and muscle strength not only promotes balance but also lowers the risk of falls.


Men who enjoy weight lifting can benefit from improved bone density. It reduces the risk of fractures and strengthens bone health.


Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health

Working out can have a profound impact on anxiety, depression and stress. Exercise can reduce inflammation, release a surge of endorphins and make you feel good. Moreover, exercise boosts mental and physical health as well as energy. Furthermore, exercise can also boost overall mood, improve memory and aid sleep.


If that is not enough, working out can also help you concentrate better. All the positivity can help improve self-esteem and confidence. Individuals who work out have a better chance of dealing with life’s emotional challenges in a healthy way, have strong immunity and experience reduced levels of stress.


Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Furthermore, regular cardiovascular exercises can help bolster overall health and promote blood flow to the heart. Some good cardio exercises for men include the following:


  • Cycling
  • Running on a treadmill
  • Brisk walking
  • Swimming


Oxygen-rich blood flow is essential for the well-being of men as it helps maintain the proper functionality of the male organ. Some other ways to promote blood flow include taking male health supplements. Herbion Naturals Virility Formula is one such dietary supplement for men which not only elevates the flow of blood throughout the body but also boosts good health.


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Our best natural male enhancement pills also help regulate blood sugar levels, improve bone mineral density and aid weight loss. Moreover, Virility Formula,  men’s vitality supplementsalso improve prostate health, sperm count as well as testosterone levels.


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Fitness Tips for Healthy Eating

Avoiding junk food and improving nutrition content is crucial for good health at any age. Good nutrition is required regardless of age. However, since men over 50 are predisposed to developing illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity, it becomes crucial for them to consume a healthy diet.


Including whole grains, vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products is the way to maintain a slim waistline. Some great protein sources to add to your diet include nuts, lean meats, fish, eggs and beans. Another great tip is to stay away from foods loaded with salt, trans fats, added sugars, cholesterol and saturated fats.


If you must, reserve desserts, deep-fried foods and carbonated drinks for occasional treats. A healthy digestive system is ideal to ward off constipation. Older men should ideally include fiber-rich foods to their meals. Furthermore, soluble fiber is also essential for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Some vital sources of fiber include beans, fruits, lentils, nuts, oats, psyllium husk, seeds, vegetables and whole grains.


Along with a healthy diet, it is monumental to stay hydrated. Not only is drinking plenty of water good for your organs and digestion, but it is also good for skin and hair health. Regardless of age, individuals should ideally consume 8-ounce glasses of water regularly. If you are not keen on drinking plain water, you can add other liquids such as soup, fresh fruit juices or tea. Eating watermelon and cucumber are also excellent sources for staying hydrated.

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