Tips on How to Build a Healthy Relationship

Did you know the average marriage in the modern age lasts approximately 14 yearsAs shocking as this is, approximately 38% of all Canadian marriages end in divorce. Perhaps people no longer desire to take the time and ponder over how to fix a broken relationship. Some individuals prefer staying single and dating until they get tired and question if it is fulfilling enough to stay. Though being single has its perks and there is absolutely nothing bad in remaining a bachelor for as long as your heart desires. However, it often leads to people questioning, ‘why am I still single?’ This can stem into negative thoughts on individuals’ self-esteem and may even push them into mild depression, especially during the holiday season. 

What Is a Healthy Relationship? 

Relationships transform from acquaintances into unstoppable romances. They are meant to enrich our lives and bring even more enjoyment and love into our hearts. However, sometimes these same relationships can become a cause of discomfort and may even lead to abuse. Hence, it is important to know healthy relationship signs, so you don’t waste your time falling for the wrong partner. A healthy relationship is when you develop a deep connection with someone based on attraction, honesty, equality, good communication, mutual respect, separate identities, support and trust. Typically, a healthy relationship should bring more happiness rather than stress into your life. 

Nonetheless, it is important to note life is not a fairytale and it is not always going to be butterflies, rainbows, and sunshine. Every couple will have their fair share of quarrels and squabbles, but even these should be dealt with utmost respect and love. At the end of the day this is the relationship you have to preserve, nurture and grow over the years to be able to sustain it and love your partner wholeheartedly. Perhaps the biggest perk of being in a good relationship is you get a best friend, confidant and a partner all wrapped up in one person to cherish for the rest of your entire life. You get someone to lean on even on the worst days and celebrate your life on your best days.

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship? 

Maintaining a healthy relationship over time takes a lot of work. The key is understanding your partner like the back of your hand. This means you both need to be on the same page, therefore allowing you to meet each other’s needs and expectations. Let’s dive right into healthy relationship tips you can practice to maintain your loving bond with your partner. These tips will help lay the basic building blocks of a unique connection which will not only be irreplaceable but will also last a lifetime.  

  • Communicate

Communication is the best tool a couple can master and share. A healthy relationship requires tons of open and effective communication, whether it is discussing happy thoughts or resolving conflicts. It is best to talk about it in a dignified calm manner, rather than sweeping things under the rug and bottling up feelings. People often confuse communication in a relationship with making conversation and that can unconsciously become the root cause of bad communication patterns. Instead,try connecting with your partner using physical and verbal skills to strengthen your loving bond.   

  • Respect

 It is important to remember that your spouse has an individual identity and will, therefore, have different feelings and values. During conflicts and heated debates, you must let your sweetheart know you are taking their opinions and ideas into consideration. After all, mutual respect is monumental in maintaining a healthy relationship. It is quite easy to say you have respect for your partner but acting on it can be a bit trickier. Some basic building blocks of respect lie in demonstrating trust in your partner, being mindful of how you communicate, being reliable and accountable for your own actions. You can also practice respect by giving each other room to spend time apart, accept and appreciate your differences and to really get to know them instead of being in love with the idea of them. This may seem complicated, but it all boils down to listening to your partner, being kind to them and speaking kindly about each other. 

  • Compromise

There is no denying, disagreements are a part of all relationships, how you communicate and compromise is what sets apart an unhealthy relationship from a healthy one. However, there are good compromises and bad ones. Good compromises foster trust and help you and your partner grow together as a team. It further builds accountability, consistency and security in your loving relationship. Being willing to compromise now and then shows you are working towards a successful partnership rather than singular happiness. On the flip side of this, are bad compromises which are sacrifices. When your partner expects too much of you and you have to end up sacrificing too much or things you enjoy and love, it can lead to resentment. Having an honest dialogue with yourself is the best way to navigate your feelings and learn the extent to which you are comfortable compromising. 

  • Support Each Other

Whether your partner is making a career switch or taking up a new hobby, it is essential that you show support and offer encouragement to each other. Healthy relationships involve building each other up rather than tearing each other down. Having a supportive partner who has your back is one of the best things in life. If you are wondering how to better support your partner, then try these simple tips. Stick up for your partner when your family says something negative about them and be the rock they can lean on when things get uncertain. Some other ways to practice supporting each other include treating your partner as your equal and being your partner’s biggest cheerleader. A supportive partner is a blessing that goes a long way in nurturing the growth of a relationship 

  • Maintain Space

No matter how much you enjoy spending time with your partner it is essential to remember to have a life of your own. You are an individual before you are a couple. Make sure you set aside time to go out with your friends and family, enjoy your hobbies, watch your favourite movies and even enjoy some ‘me time.’ This helps build a solid identity and refreshes your mind. Spending too much time together can feel a bit suffocating and become monotonous. A healthy relationship requires giving each individual time to enjoy their space and later come together rejuvenated. Knowing how and when to give space in a relationship and yet stay together is a skill every loving couple needs to master over time

  • Fulfill Each Other’s Needs

It is imperative to the betterment of your loving relationship that you match each other’s frequency of intimacy. More than frequency, it is the quality that matters. Nonetheless, that should not be taken as an excuse to cop out of marital responsibilities in the bedroom. Aside from physical pleasure, intimacy can benefit a couple emotionally as well as physically, since it has a direct impact on your marriage. These physical moments help grow emotional intimacy, thereby leading to strengthening your bond and even solidifying monogamy. However, if you are experiencing low drive or are dealing with plummeting testosterone levels, perhaps you should look into trying natural testosterone boostersHerbion Naturals Virility Formula is a powerhouse supplement that not only increases testosterone naturally but also improves male libido and sperm count. This male enhancement supplement aids muscle mass, weight loss and especially triggers belly fat. The non-hormonal, non-steroidal, gluten-free and vegan formula also improves prostate health and vitality. Additionally, it also serves as a mood enhancer for enhanced intimacy with your loving partner. The herbal composition of this supplement takes two to three weeks to experience long-term cumulative benefits. Usage of twelve weeks is recommended to experience maximum gains of these pills. Head over to to buy men’s health supplements. 

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