3 Surprising Ways Stress Affects Male Health

It is safe to say stress is one of the culprits in diminishing desire. If you are juggling more things than you can manage to squeeze into the 24 hours of a given day, you are most likely exhausted and on the verge of burning out. High-stress levels can decrease male libido by having a direct impact on mood and hormones. If you are on the hunt for male libido enhancers, buy men’s health supplement, Virility Formula. These male libido booster pills contain a non-sedative, non-hormonal, vegan and gluten-free formula which is safe and effective for use. 

Furthermore, stress can also affect your behaviour, body, thoughts and feelings. Being able to recognize as well as manage stress can be extremely beneficial for men. However, stress that is left unchecked can lead to various health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and obesity, which are directly linked to male organ dysfunctionality. Stress is the body’s reaction to dangerous situations. When individuals feel threatened, a chemical reaction occurs within the body known as “fight-or-flight response.” During stress, the heart rate escalates astronomically, blood pressure rises, and muscles tighten. However, it is interesting to note that stress is subjective, what may cause tension in one person, might not be a cause of alarm in another. The human body is designed to deal with small doses of stress, but not handle long-term chronic stress without suffering in the process. Therefore, it is pivotal to manage stress in the right way. 

What Causes Male Organ Dysfunctionality 

There are two types of stress, the good and the bad. Healthy stress is good for you and can occur during certain events such as when working out or in a new relationship. When the male brain experiences healthy stress, it sends signals to the body to release testosterone production. This helps relax blood vessels within the essential organ which can lead to an erection. On the contrary, when the brain is under unhealthy stress, such as relationship problems or work stress, the body releases cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which restricts blood vessels in the essential organ. When blood no longer flows freely, it can create a hurdle in achieving an erection. Overtime anxiety, depression and stress can all be the harbinger to facilitate chronically high cortisol levels. This, in turn, reduces the amount of testosterone the body makes. 

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Why Men Distance Themselves During Stress 

When stress kicks in, most individuals often replace closeness with absence. They find it difficult to listen or be interested in the people around them. Stress can cloud judgment and make it difficult to deal with anyone except yourself. Moreover, stress can amplify all feelings, leading men to become aggressive towards their partner, snap at the smallest things and even scream and shout. In these moments, men often experience irritation replaced by the love they have for someone. It is this cattiness that does not leave much room for closeness with your loving partner and gradually, intimacy starts slipping away. As stressful days turn into chronic stressful months, your partner inevitably pulls away too. In the absence of intimacy and presence of astronomical bouts of aggression and irritation, it breeds room for insecurity. This leads to distance and reduced physical contact. 

Tip: Take out a few minutes daily out of your schedule to practice yoga and meditation. Yoga is ideal for health and fitness, but it is even better for your peace of mind. Yoga is widely popular for stress management and relaxation. Every week set aside a few hours to reconnect with your loving partner. Make sure to spend uninterrupted quality time together to make her feel loved and to foster your relationship. 

Why Men Eat Their Feelings in Times of Stress 

When stress at work is too much men and women, both revert to food for comfort. Men with high-stress jobs usually delay meals and end up eating at various hours, often in larger quantities. This happens since they are hungry for more prolonged hours and meals are spaced apart. The longer the gap between meals, the higher the probability of consuming more calories. When stress occurs, individuals resort to getting less sleep, skipping meals and indulging in unhealthy foods. These factors can further contribute to the impact of stress which include, compromised immune system, increased blood pressure, heart attack, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and male organ dysfunctionality. When men experience high blood pressure or obesity, it can cause abnormal blood flow in the male organ which can hinder its functionality. Furthermore, belly fat can put direct pressure on the male organ, which can also restrict the blood flow. Being unfit can also lead to undermining one’s self-confidence and therefore, reduce male drive and the need for physical intimacy.  

Tip: Jumpstart male libido by working out regularly. Not only does it help manage weight, but it also improves oxygen-rich blood flow throughout the body. Exercising releases endorphins which triggers positive feelings within the mind and body. Working out regularly improves sleep, escalates self-esteem, lowers stress and diminishes feelings of anxiety and depression. Aid weight loss and increase muscle mass with male enhancement supplement, Virility Formula. These one-of-a-kind herbal capsules modulate blood sugar levels, improve cognitive functions as well as mood, which helps unwind and enhance intimacy. Order on Amazon.cafor a hassle-free shipment at your doorstep. 

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