6 Tips to Maintain Long Distance Relationship During Covid

It is no secret; the norms of the world as we know it have changed ever since the spread of the global pandemic. Society has come to grips with the coronavirus guidelines for social distancing. We have all swapped our once carefree lives for more cautious ones, where we must learn to manage our daily schedules remotely, such as working from home, meeting parents virtually, or maintaining our love lives online.


Pre-covid couples living in different countries faced the challenges of being in long-distance relationships, where days felt like months and months like years before they met each other. Long-distance relationships can feel romanticised in the movies. The reality, however, is missed calls, misunderstandings, and a whole lot of absence. Mix this with the odds of survival of the fittest against coronavirus pandemic, the odds of a couple staying in love may appear slim. It takes a lot of conviction to maintain peace and flourish love when you only meet your partner occasionally.


However, with the lockdown, relationships have been redefined. Even couples living in the same city have to learn to navigate their love lives from a distance. There is no denying being away from your loving partner can take an emotional toll on you, it can lead to experiencing sadness, loneliness, and may even cause arguments. Nonetheless, couples should find solace in knowing a little distance can help keep the spark alive and make the heart yearn for each other.


The first wave of coronavirus seemed daunting for non-platonic couples to maintain healthy loving relationships. With the second waves spreading across the world, the odds of staying strong as a couple can feel insurmountable. If you are looking for ways to maintain a healthy and loving long-distance relationship in covid, this is the place to be. We have some incredible tips that will help you bond with your partner and make this time apart from each other super fun. Stay with us to learn easy ways to enjoy time away from each other, while staying connected.


Importance of Trust in a Relationship

It is crucial now more than ever to take your partner into confidence. A long-distance relationship without trust will not work. Peace of mind is a must, whether you meet daily or are in a long-distance relationship. Therefore, it is important to be transparent with your partner. Inform your partner of your whereabouts, especially if there will be a lengthy pause in communication, this can take place while grocery shopping or visiting a friend’s house nearby. Being mutually transparent gives you both peace of mind, security, and helps build understanding. Moreover, it helps build confidence and trust which is a cornerstone in any relationship.


Discuss the Future

The lockdown can feel gloomy and depressing. Reduce the sadness by making sure you and your partner have plans to look forward to. These could be as small as having a picnic together once the city opens, or vacation plans for 2021. Talk about where your relationship is heading, if you would prefer living together, and discuss your future plans together as a couple.


Explore Ways to Staying Connected in a Relationship

Individuals often tend to get into a pattern of communication through one platform. There is no time like the present to switch gears and take things up a notch. Use different means of communication, try voice notes, GIFs, send cute emoji’s, use new apps and filters to add playfulness to your conversations. Share daily pictures with each other to stay connected throughout the day. These can make your partner feel closer to you.


If possible, during your lunch break, while working from home, give your partner a surprise video call. Let them know you are thinking of them and occasionally even have virtual lunch dates with them. Doing adorable small gestures like these can maintain the spark of romance in a long-distance.


How to Spend Quality Time Together in a Long Distance Relationship?

Though the time seems to go by slower during the lockdown, since there is not much to do other than work and staying home, sometimes house chores and virtual meetings can take too much time and things can get hectic. It is very easy to get stuck in the rut and put your relationship on the back burner. So how does one spend quality time in a long-distance relationship when you are miles apart? The key is to carve out time mindfully for your partner. On hectic days, try grocery shopping with your boo on the line, or tidy up your place while on call.


Set time aside for virtual movie nights together, where both of you are on a call simultaneously while watching the same movie on your own screens. Though it lacks the physical touch of having your partner beside you, watching movies together can give you something to talk about.


Similarly, another great way to stay connected is to have virtual dinner dates together. Some other fun activities include virtually cooking together, playing video games online, attending webinars together on personal growth or relationships. These activities give you a sense of togetherness even from a distance.


Practice Respectful Communication in Relationships

While we encourage you to keep conversations light and playful, nothing bonds two people better than being vulnerable. Have a heart to heart with your loving partner about things that may be bothering you, clear the air if there are any misunderstandings lurking, and speak up about things you desire from them. Be straighter forward and respect each other’s opinion. Clearing the air helps ensure you are both on the same page and helps maintain peace in the relationship.


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Maintaining a long-distance relationship is not an easy task, it requires work, time, and effort. So put in the work to make sure your relationship flourishes. We hope our tips help bring your hearts closer while spending time apart during the lockdown.

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