Six Worst Prostate Health Foods to Avoid

Why Is Prostate Health Important?

The prostate gland is present in all men and is roughly about the size of a golf ball or walnut. This gland is located in front of the rectum and below the bladder. It produces a milky-white fluid that becomes part of semen. If prostate health is compromised it can have a direct impact on intercourse as well as urination.


Unfortunately, prostate cancer is relatively common among men. Though there are no sure-fire ways to prevent this ailment, you can take certain precautions and consciously make an effort to maintain good prostate health.


Most men are notorious for eating oily deep-fried foods and drinking too much, this can pose a threat to not only cardiovascular disease but also your prostate health. Therefore, it is recommended you start by exercising and making healthy diet choices.


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Six Worst Foods for Prostate Health

Below is a list of ten of the most harmful foods for prostate health, which all men should aim to avoid or at least limit the intake of.


Do Milk Products Cause Prostate Cancer?

Did you know a lot of dairy foods are rich in biochemicals, which can lead to cancer? High animal fat in dairy products also leads to high levels of oestrogen in older men. Oestrogen is a female hormone that is detrimental to male health as it causes testosterone levels to convert to dihydrotestosterone. This can irritate the prostate and plummet prostate health.


To get your fill of dairy, try switching to goat products. Goat cheese, cream, milk and yoghurt are packed with protein and are free of biochemicals. You can also switch to non-dairy based alternatives, for instance, almond, cashew or any other nut milk. They are void of unwanted additives and packed with nutrition content.


Is Red Meat Bad for You?

Most men are unaware of red meat health risks and enjoy it as part of their diet.


But did you know veal, pork, mutton, horse, goat and beef are categorized in Group 2A by the World Health Organization (WHO), which means they are all carcinogenic to human health?


Processed meats are no better either. Ham, hot dogs, jerky and sausages have been classified as Group 1. This indicates there is ample evidence that they cause prostate cancer and other cancer in humans.


The consumption of meat can lead to cancer development in the body as it introduces different hormones. This can lead to the presence of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and hormone imbalance, which can contribute to the spread of cancer cells.


If going vegetarian seems too much for you, you can start by only eating organic meat derived from animals that are raised without hormones or antibiotics. You can also reduce the quantity of meat you eat per week and include plenty of vegetables to your diet.


Is White Meat Healthier Than Red Meat?

Switching from red meat to chicken sounds like a doable way to maintain a healthy diet, right? Unfortunately, even chicken can have harmful effects. The method of chicken farming can have a massive impact on the final product. However, a lot of farmers use questionable methods of farming, for instance, feed mixed with hormones and steroids. Farm animals are also force-fed food that their bodies are not designed to digest. This makes chickens naturally produce chemicals to ward off toxins.


Chicken and prostate cancer are linked as chicken with skin that is well-cooked at high temperatures has significant levels of heterocyclic amines, mutagens that cause irreversible mutations in the cellular genetic material, leading to prostate cancer in rats. Heterocyclic amines are also known to cause DNA damage in cultured human prostate tissue.


If you must include white meat in your diet, be sure only to eat organic skinless chicken that is raised on vegetarian feed.


Prostate Cancer and Sugar Consumption

Every cell in the human body utilizes blood sugar to generate energy. But did you know cancer cells use glucose approximately 200 times more than regular cells?


This is because cancer cells have insulin receptors that are responsive to insulin’s ability to grow. Being overweight also poses a growing risk of prostate cancer. It is not only sugar but also carbohydrates that increase the levels of chemicals and cytokines, which lead to inflammation.


A good diet for cancer prevention should ideally include 25% whole grain carbohydrates, 25% protein-rich foods and 50% high fiber vegetables and fruits. When purchasing products from the grocery aisle, be sure to read labels and avoid food consumption of edibles packed with hidden sugars. Instead, switch to natural sweeteners, for instance, stevia.


Disadvantages of Canned Food

It is no surprise that fresh food contains higher nutrition levels than canned foods. If you enjoy making pasta sauce using canned tomato puree, or perhaps you eat canned beans frequently, you may want to stop.


Canned foods have a lining that contains a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). BPA is notorious for causing reproductive abnormalities, early puberty, male infertility and even prostate cancer. Since BPA contains tumour-promoting properties, it can be carcinogenic.  If you must, then consume only canned foods BPA free. However, if you can stick to eating freshly cooked meals.


Soy and Prostate Cancer

Majority soybeans are genetically modified (GMO). Ingesting GMO foods in the long term might have harmful health effects. Moreover, non-fermented soy products, for instance, soy protein isolate, soy burgers, protein bars or even cheeses, can elevate estrogen levels in men. Furthermore, soy contains isoflavones which can disturb hormone levels and expose to developing prostate cancer.


However, it is the fermentation process that converts healthy soy to an unhealthy one. Therefore, you can still consume non-GMO fermented soy foods and soy in small quantities, for instance, miso, natto and tempeh. When you are shopping, keep an eye out for soy protein isolate in the ingredients section of snack foods and protein bars. If it is present, avoid the product altogether.

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