December 12, 2018

Health Benefits of Improving Male Sex Drive

It is no surprise that libido plays a vital part in the overall male health. This is the main driving force of desire and sexual activity. Modern physicians recognize the significance of healthy libido since it directly affects your confidence, emotional, mental, physical and social well-being, which is the reason why it is considered to

November 1, 2018

An Herbal Guide to Increasing Testosterone Levels

It is no secret; low testosterone is a potential cause of infertility, fatigue, depression, reduced muscle mass, low hair growth, decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, diminished strength, hot flashes and difficulty with concentration. There are numerous reasons for this syndrome, but a few of the most common are age factor, obesity and smoking. After age

November 1, 2018

Aphrodisiac Herbs and Spices for Intimacy

Since the dawn of times, humans have sought out aphrodisiac foods to ignite passion, romance, fertility, virility and pleasure. Aphrodisiacs ease the nerves, free the mind and heighten the body’s capacity for pleasure. Simply adding them to your meals or even a special candlelight dinner can reignite the spark. Continue reading to discover herbs that

October 4, 2018

5 Super Supplements for Effective Libido Growth

The longer a couple has been together, the more likely they are to go through periods of either less intimacy or lower drive. Though these dry spells are absolutely normal, they can often create undue tension and unfulfillment of your partner’s needs. Whether you are going through a dry spell or simply want to spice

September 13, 2018

6 Ways Virility Formula Enhances Sexual Performance

A growing number of men experience low sex drive and testosterone levels, especially above the age of 40. For centuries dietary supplements have been known to provide the adequate nutrition needed for a healthy body, which may otherwise not be consumed in meals. We recommend taking Herbion Naturals Virility Formula along with a healthy lifestyle